Virtual visit available at : https://goo.gl/WOrQBH


ELEVATION gives you safe Adrenaline safe.


From kids to parents,

from first tricks to regular training ...


In ELEVATION, you are free to create your own training park,

listen to good music and have fun with friends and family.


We advise you to book your session in advance for weekends and wednesday, holidays and bank holiday.






Free access

Hot drinks - Fresh drinks - Sweets

To come, a Food Truck on our parking,

Bison Break Burger : hamburgers bison, beef menu hummm !!!


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Snack combo




Lockers are at your disposal, thank you to bring your code padlock (avoid keys)


Showers are also at your.

Thank you to bring your towel and soap.


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Free access for  Basic Pass owners from 10am to 8pm.

1 micro-rampe

1 module curb - wheeling table

CANDLe skates are for sell for 50€.


Zone skatepark




Zone Kids is made for 5 - 10 years old :

4 trampolines and 1 foam pit of 30m2,

access to mezzanine for warming up, streching ...

An adult or parent must come to zone to look after the child.


Zone kids





BIG AIR is opening at 6.30pm,

with Freestyle Session or la Big Air Session.


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Bike, skate, roller, trotinette, ...

Ski et Snowboard ramps will open asap ...

We are on it !!!


1 - 6m high ramp :

2m high for pro jump.

1 - 3m high ramp :

1,5m high for kids/initiation jump.


Helmet is mandatory - other body protections highly recommended


Staff can refuse the ramps access to any rider for safety reasons



Big air


Big air 2





All Zone, from 11 to 77 years old, is split in 3 parts :



100m2, mattresses, pommel horses, proprioception, workout, IndoBoards, boxing bag ...






To stabilise your jumps, rotations and simple backflip ou frontflip, training for double flips into foam pit.

9 trampolines and 1 foam pit of 75m2



Zone intermediaire combo



Access only for riders able to do double backflip or double frontflip into foam pit.

1 foam pit of 50m2.

5 trampolines with 1 higher trampoline, 

1 olympic trampoline (with trampoline)

access for riders able to do Triple flips into foam pit or Double flips with landing onto the trampoline



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